Zwartkop Golf Estate Home Owners Association

Living Guidelines

At the inception of the estate, one of the first tasks was to put together a set of guidelines for the estate. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure good order among the residents and especially between neighbours. The guidelines comply with the normal municipal rules, but also take the Zwartkop Golf Estate environment into account.

Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world where all guidelines are complied with at all times. Self-regulation would have been the ideal, but we all know how difficult that is and the only solution is a set of guidelines. As we are living in a dynamic society, these guidelines have to be enhanced on an ongoing basis.

The guidelines are to facilitate the existence of a high quality, crime free, aesthetically acceptable and community driven environment for residents of the estate. Various guidelines pertaining to conduct, environment, administration and security have been made in terms of the Memorandum of Articles of the Home Owners Association for the protection of this lifestyle. They are binding on all residents of the estate. In the event of any breach of the estate guidelines by the members of any member’s household, or his guests, or lessees, such breach shall be deemed to have been committed by the member himself.

These guidelines may be subject to change from time to time. All municipal laws apply on the estate.

Building Guidelines

All plans must be approved by the Zwartkop Golf Estate Design Review Committee prior to submission to Council as a condition of title.

The Zwartkop Golf Estate Design Committee reserves the right to interpret this manual and approve plans at its discretion.

Where the Zwartkop Golf Estate Design Committee permits variations, these are in respect of specific site conditions, and should not be considered as a permanent amendment to the manual.

  1. Building process
  2. Architectural rules and planning guidelines
  3. Dolomite compliance rules
  4. Pool compliance rules
  5. Application for the approval of building plans
  6. Architectural guidelines check list
  7. Building clearance and related forms
  8. Sign board specification
  9. Electrical installation application
  10. Interparty agreement
  11. Application for the supply of water and electricity
  12. Resident registration form

HOA Board of Directors

Chairperson :  Mr Riaan Becker


HOA Directors Meetings:
The 3rd Thursday of every month at Zwartkop Country Club - 18h00.
No meetings in December.

Member Meetings :
An annual general meeting is held in May of each year.

Extraordinary Meetings :
Can be called for from time to time. For more information contact the Estate Manager at 0126547062